UV Diffusers

Air Treatment, Filtration, Improved Ventilation

Efficient Air Purification in Commercial and Institutional Buildings

UV Diffusers combine filtration and UV-C light to instantly treat the air passing through them. The purified air is then mixed with room air with high efficiency in order to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the room. UV Diffusers improve indoor air quality with 3rd party demonstrated high efficiency to help prevent the spread of airborne diseases.

Does your building have a ventilation system?


UV Diffusers

UV-C Air Disinfection

UV Diffusers act as a shield treating the recycled air coming from the ventilation system before it enters the room. They treat the air more efficiently than MERV-13 filters, are more energy efficient than outside air, and are compatible with both new and older ventilation systems.


UV Phantom

UV Phantom Ceiling Air Purification System

UV Phantom is the vanguard of independent air purification systems. Installed in the ceiling, it is very quiet despite its high capacity. The system is discrete, it doesn’t take any floor space and does not create undesirable air drafts in the room. It provides better air mixing and is suitable for any room size and configuration.

A Three-in-One Solution

UV-C Air Disinfection
1. UV-C Irradiation

UV Diffusers treat the air using UV-C light to neutralize airborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and fungi. An ozone-free UV-C lamp is integrated into a special irradiation chamber designed to increase UV-C intensity and air contact with UV-C rays.

UV Diffusers use air filtration to clean the air
2. Air Filtration

A MERV-9A filter catches and traps larger particles, including some viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other microbes and allergens. Filtering the air at the end of the duct line prevents any re-contamination of the air after the filtration process. A common example of re-contamination is dust accumulation in the duct over time, which can create allergic reactions when the air conditioning system is running.

Improved Ventilation Against COVID-19
3. Improved Ventilation

Improving air mixing is what EffectiV HVAC diffusers are designed for. High induction diffusers provide better mixing of the new air with room air, resulting in a faster and more efficient removal of contaminants. Other benefits of efficient air mixing are improved thermal comfort, enhanced performance of the HVAC system and reduced energy consumption.

Important: the use of this device is a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices; users must continue to follow all current infection control practices, including those related to the cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces.

Occupants’ safety is our main concern

A reassuring blue glow indicating that the air is being treated

UV Diffusers do not produce UV-A nor UV-B, only UV-C rays and blue light. They are designed to contain UV-C rays inside the diffuser so that occupants in the room are not exposed. Only some blue light passes through in order to create the safe and reassuring blue glow you can see, symbolic of clean air.

The subtle blue glow is also an indicator that the system is working and actively purifying the air.

UV Diffusers are UL Certified for Safety

Perfect Solutions For Commercial Buildings, Including

Safe Ventilation for Office Buildings With UVC Air Disinfection and Filtration
Office Buildings

Safety is one of the main concerns when it comes to employees returning to the office. UV Diffusers help ensure their safety and also reassure employees. They can see that measures are being taken to make sure the air they are breathing is safe. Commercial real estate is facing new challenges and upgrading your office spaces with UV Diffusers can lower energy consumption and operation costs, while increasing occupancy and building value.

Safe Ventilation System to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools

Children’s education must continue and precautions are being taken such as limiting children interactions between classrooms. This helps contain potential outbreaks within one classroom only, preventing the virus from spreading between classrooms. There is, however, a risk of airborne viruses spreading through the ventilation system, but we must keep the systems running in order to ventilate the rooms and avoid high concentrations of virus particles in the air. UV Diffusers are designed to stop the spread from room to room and are compatible with existing school ventilation systems.

UVC Air Purification System for Dentists to Disinfect the Air from Viruses and Bacteria
Dental Clinics

Dental clinics must take airborne diseases seriously. To ensure the health and security of employees, patients and professionals, proper ventilation is an absolute necessity and UV Diffusers are a perfect solution for air treatment in order to prevent the accumulation and recirculating of pathogens within the clinic. UV Diffusers’ subtle blue glow in the ceiling will reassure patients and staff that microbe-free and filtered air is being delivered, allowing them to breathe with more confidence.

Based on technologies that are proven safe and effective

UV Diffusers ingeniously combine the three proven methods recommended by ASHRAE to ensure safe indoor air quality: good ventilation, filtration, and UV-C germicidal irradiation.

UV Diffusers are a subtractive air cleaning technology. Unlike additive technologies, UV Diffusers do not add ozone or ions to the air you breathe.

UV Diffusers are UL Validated for Zone Ozone Emission