UV Phantom

Ceiling Installed

Independent Air Purification System

Discreet, Quiet, Unobtrusive, Highly Efficient

UV Phantom Ceiling Air Purification System

Does not require an HVAC system

UV Phantom is an independent system powered by a quiet fan certified Energy Star. The air is extracted through an architectural filter return, then treated and redistributed in the room by two highly efficient UV Diffusers

UV Phantom Independent Air Purification System, Ceiling Installed, Discreet and Quiet


Installed in the ceiling and powered by a quiet fan, enclosed in a silencer with extra silencers on both ends, UV Phantom is the quietest commercial air purifier in the 750 cfm range. The system can treat a large volume of air with a fraction of the noise of in-room air purifiers


The only visible parts of the UV Phantom air purification system are the discreet architectural filter return and the two reassuring and esthetically pleasing UV Diffusers, all installed in the ceiling


UV Phantom does not take any floor space and does not obstruct the view. It also discharges and mixes the air closer to the ceiling and doesn’t create unwanted air drafts in the occupied space

Highly Efficient Air Purifier For Larger Rooms

The system can treat up to 750 cfm (cubic feet per minute) for a total of 375 cfm per UV Diffuser. This is an equivalent of 6 eACPH (Equivalent Air Changes Per Hour) when treating a room 32 ft x 26 ft with a 9 ft high ceiling.

UV Diffusers have been third-party tested with live samples of SARS-CoV-2 and achieved 99.949% average single-pass deactivation of the virus while supplying 458 cfm of air per diffuser. Click here to view the report.

The lower the air volume per diffuser, the longer the virus exposure time to UV-C light, the higher the virus deactivation performance. 375 cfm or less per diffuser ensures a SARS-COV-2 deactivation rate superior to 99.949%.

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Good Air Mixing is Essential for Air Quality

Portable air purifiers create strong air jets in the occupied space. Not only is this undesirable for thermal comfort, but directional jets are also a concern when it comes to airborne transmission. PLAY-UV Diffusers are adjustable to ensure even air mixing across the room. Their high induction airflow pattern attracts contaminated air from the occupied space up towards the ceiling, where it is mixed with treated air to reduce the concentration of contaminants. A large quantity of room air is also extracted by the return air grille, to be redistributed in the room through the diffusers after being purified.

In other words, the system continuously treats up to 375 cubic feet of room air per minute, while also mixing the air more efficiently in the room to better reduce the concentration of contaminants where occupants are.

PLAY-UV Diffuser in Ceiling

Flexibility is Key

The location and arrangement of the return air grille and diffusers is very flexible to adapt to virtually any room size and configuration. Air devices can be positioned strategically in the room in order to optimize air mixing.

PLAY-UV diffusers’ 360-degree airflow adjustment further improves design and flexibility.

Six settings of fan velocity between 0 and up to 750 cfm can be selected with a remote control, allowing occupants to find their perfect balance between air velocity, quietness and air purification performance.