UV Diffusers Models and Options

UV Diffuser Plenum with UV-C Lamp and Conical Duct Connection

UV Diffuser plenum with UV-C lamp and conical duct connection

Each model of UV diffuser has its particular features. However, all UV diffusers supply the air with a high discharge velocity at the ceiling level. This ensures a great performance and air mixing despite pressurizing the plenum, even when performing at lower air volumes.

UV Diffusers come in 24″ x 24″ dimension for standard false ceilings. Their plenum box is made in aluminum and the faces are made in galvanized steel or aluminum and powder coated with epoxy paint to increase their durability and resistance to rust.

UV diffusers come with conical duct connectors designed to optimize the concentration of UVC light inside the diffuser while protecting flexible duct from UVC damage over time. Collars are available for 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ round duct diameters. UV Diffusers’ hinged face is locked in place using a simple pressing mechanism. All UV diffusers have integrated earthquake tabs for easy attachment to the building structure.

PLAY-UV Adjustable Diffuser

100 cfm - 400 cfm

PLAY-UV Adjustable UV Diffuser - 4 Way


100 cfm – 400 cfm

PLAY-UV Adjustable Swirl UV Diffuser
PLAY-UV Adjustable UV Diffuser - 3 Way
PLAY-UV Adjustable UV Diffuser in Office Ceiling

The PLAY diffuser has been one of EffectiV HVAC’s most popular products for years and it is now also available as a UV Diffuser. PLAY is the only diffuser in the world providing a full 360-degree horizontal adjustment of the airflow. Each round sector can be manually rotated from the face to redirect the airflow exactly where we need it.

It ships as a swirl diffuser and can be manually adjusted to make it a 1-way, 2-way, 3-way or 4-way diffuser, or any hybrid combination.

PLAY allows us to also reach parts of the room which would normally lack proper ventilation, either because of the room configuration, the diffuser location, obstacles, or other factors.

PLAY also allows us to improve thermal comfort by redirecting the air away from people feeling drafts, or towards sources of heat gain/loss like large windows.

Thanks to the PLAY diffuser, HVAC technicians can shape the air circulation in the room with precision, ensuring an almost perfect ventilation in any room configuration.

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Download PLAY-UV Performance Data

PLAY-UV Diffuser for High Efficiency Filtration and Ventilation is Finalist in the Indoor Air Quality Category of the 2021 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition

The PLAY-UV diffuser was selected by a panel of HVAC experts as one of the AHR Expo 2021 Innovation Awards finalists in the Air Quality category.

PLAY-UV Adjustable UV Diffuser

AXO-UV High Induction Diffusers

50 cfm - 500 cfm (see specific model range)

AXO-SX-UV High Induction Swirl UV Diffuser for High CFM


200 cfm – 500 cfm

AXO-S-UV High Induction Swirl UV Diffuser for Standard CFM


150 cfm – 450 cfm

AXO-S-UV High Induction UV Diffuser in Ceiling

AXO High Induction Diffusers are available in four models covering different ranges of air volumes between 50 cfm and 550 cfm.

They also deliver the highest induction ratio, mixing the air more efficiently than any other diffuser in a 360-degree diffusion pattern. AXO diffusers offer a very reliable performance in VAV applications in both heating and cooling.

AXO can also be adjusted to send the air in specific directions or downwards, however these diffusers are not meant for regular adjustments like the PLAY diffuser.

AXO-UV diffusers are the only UV diffusers available in both steel and aluminum.

Download AXO-UV Series Performance Data

AXO-S400-UV High Induction Swirl UV Diffuser for Low CFM


100 cfm – 250 cfm

AXO-S300-UV High Induction Swirl UV Diffuser for Very Low CFM


50 cfm – 150 cfm

OTO-UV Architectural Swirl Diffuser

100 cfm - 325 cfm

OTO-UV Architectural UV Swirl Diffuser


100 cfm – 325 cfm

OTO distributes the air in a fix 360-degree high induction swirl pattern. OTO is more limited than AXO in terms of air volume, but performs very well in the mid cfm range.

The OTO face is stamped directly in a galvanized steel sheet and has no moving parts.

Download OTO-UV Series Performance Data

OTO-UV Architectural Swirl UV Diffuser with AXO-UV Series in the background


White MERV-9 Filter

UV Resistant White Filter for UV Diffusers

UV Resistant White Filter for UV Diffusers

The standard UV resistant white MERV-9 pleated filter allows the magnificent blue light to glow through UV diffusers.

It is also more economical, provides better particle filtration efficiency and lower pressure drop than the carbon filter.

Carbon Filter

UV Resistant Carbon Filter for UV Diffusers

UV Resistant Carbon Filter for UV Diffusers

The black MERV-7 carbon filter blocks the blue light entirely and is ideal for darker rooms or when the blue glow is not wanted.

The carbon also has odor control properties and can help reduce odors that may be coming from the ventilation system.