EffectiV HVAC’s Innovative UV Diffusers Receive Major Accreditation in California 800 380 UV Diffusers
UV Diffusers air cleaning devices are CARB-Certified for use in California

EffectiV HVAC’s Innovative UV Diffusers Receive Major Accreditation in California

Montreal, CanadaEffectiV HVAC, a world leader in UV diffusers that help kill and contain airborne viruses, has revealed its devices now come officially backed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

As all air cleaning devices installed in California must be CARB-certified, achieving this latest major milestone for the Canadian-based company means its innovative diffuser solutions can play an effective part in protecting Californians from the effects of COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Their PLAY-UV Diffuser was third-party tested by an independent lab in California with live samples of SARS-CoV-2. It achieved an average single-pass reduction rate of 99.949% for 458 cfm of air passing through the diffuser.

“We’re thrilled that our UV diffuser is recognized by third party experts and is now CARB-certified,” said Frank Godbout, President of EffectiV HVAC. “It confirms data previously provided by experts in UV-C irradiation and who analyzed our product that they are an effective solution in preventing the spread of COVID-19 through ventilation systems.”

EffectiV HVAC’s UV Diffusers act as a shield that treats the recycled air coming from the ventilation system before entering the room and with no risk of recontamination.

Their innovative solutions simultaneously treat the air using UV-C light, catch dust and mold spores with a MERV-9 filter, and improve air mixing in the room. UVC radiation is a well-known disinfectant for air, with the radiation being used effectively to reduce bacteria and virus spread.

The diffusers are the visible part of the ventilation system installed in the ceiling. Air coming from the ducts pass through diffusers in order to be distributed more evenly in the room.

EffectiV HVAC’s high performance architectural diffusers improve air mixing in the room, and have a significant impact on thermal comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

The diffusers are ideal for both retrofits in commercial and public buildings, and new constructions. They effectively treat all of the air entering the room, including up to 90% of air that’s recycled and recirculated everywhere in a building. They are also UL Certified for Safety and Zero Ozone Emissions.

At the heart of the operation is their unique plenum which integrates ozone-free UV lamps and its design to increase air contact with UVC light – helping to neutralize COVID-19, Tuberculosis, Legionella and other pathogens.

EffectiV HVAC’s PLAY-UV diffuser is also the only diffuser in the world providing a 360-degree horizontal airflow adjustment. Each round sector can be manually rotated from the face to redirect the airflow exactly where needed to improve air mixing and thermal comfort.

The PLAY-UV diffuser was a finalist in the 2021 AHR Expo Innovation Awards in the ‘Indoor Air Quality’ category. UV Diffusers were one of the first products to be tested against the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus.

UV Diffusers, which can replace existing diffusers in a building or be installed in a single space, are also highly efficient, meaning they can reduce energy consumption compared to other ceiling diffusers and other UV-C air treatment technologies.

For more information about EffectiV HVAC’s UV Diffusers: www.uvdiffusers.com.

More about EffectiV HVAC

EffectiV HVAC manufactures and supplies high-performance and innovative architectural diffusers to improve ventilation in commercial and institutional buildings. Their products help improve thermal comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and interior design.

They can be found in office buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and factories across North America

For more information about EffectiV HVAC’s UV Diffusers, check their website: www.effectiv-hvac.com.